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Kurashicom Inc
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Project Info


Scandinavian, the store of widgets for life

Sun* Team

Project Leader (BrSE)

iOS Engineer x2

Android Engineer x3

QA Engineer


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Develop application

Develop Application to help realize a lifestyle the way you want

Kurashicom is implementing a WEB service to help customers meet “objects”, “tasks” that are suitable for themselves and express their own lifestyle according to their wishes. And Sun* has supported the development of the App “Scandinavian, the store of widgets for life” – a Kurashicom’s typical service.

Partner’s problem

First-time development

Formaly, Kurashicom company had software products developed by the company. However, Webservice and App development require having necessary technologies, techniques, development know-how different from software. In addition, linking the Webservice and the App require developing the API on the server side, thus if the development team in the company does it by themselves, they will face quite a lot of difficulties. Meanwhile, Sun* owns an engineer resource that can solve many development-related problems. Therefore, in April 2019, the project was established to support development with a 7-member development team including 1 BrSE, 2 iOS engineers, 3 Android engineers and 1 QA (in charge of product quality).

Recommended from Sun *

The project brings a sense of excitement

When developing a project, it is essential to think about how to design that function, but before staring, it is extremely important to understand clearly “what you want to do with the App”. . Therefore, Sun* started from thinking “What is the value that “Scandinavian, the store of widgets for life” bring?”.

Understanding that the answer is not only found through numbers such as the number of followers of a public account, the number of PV sites … but also through the feeling, the atmosphere that the website brings, the inner thoughts of the website creators. Moreover, it is noteworthy that this is the App created after 13 years since the start of the service. The key question is how to provide users with rich content such as news articles, photos, videos that have been kept for 13 years in the most engaging way.

After understanding the customer in all aspects, the purpose of this App development project is not simply to recreate the EC, but to “Activate” to bring the “feeling of excitement” to the user via the App”.

Project Topic

Great UX that all members have taken care of

With such purpose, mindset, App development context, what the Sun*’s engineering team is aware of it to further improve UX (user experience). The engineers have taken the stand of the user to use the actual App to refine many things technically with the aim of creating the UX that delivers high satisfaction. For example, periodically checking Firebase crashes for quick editing, analyzing access logs to adjust the number of API requests, and reducing the burden on the server … are what the engineering team have done to secure the quality of the App.

From Sun* Team

“When conducting this project, since the beginning, Sun* have worked with the perspective of “working as a partner” and Kurashicom is also working with the same attitude.

Project members and partners have become One Team that  come up with ideas and developing together, having similar perspectives towards the good and bad points of the service. All members participating in the project have the same mindset, each of them promoting their expertise and creating new products and services in an excited mood. This is an important value that not only the members of this project but all the engineers, designers, consultants working at Sun* appreciate it highly.