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DISCO Limited Company 

Form of development

Development field: Employment / Change Job Site

Organization scope: 1000 people

Development technology: Ruby on Rails / Angular

URL link:

Partner’s problem

Although the service itself has been deployed globally, the degradation of the backend makes the operation speed not fast enough and acts as a barrier to the development of the service. Therefore, the system and design need to be renewed completely.


Sun* assists with the design of information, systems, and design. Our company does not have an exclusive development team plus the features of outsourcing, it is obvious that we also feel risky. We consider this as a challenge to overcome. It has been more than 3 years since the project kickoff date, and thanks to Sun* members with quick, careful response and high reliability, the project has been as successful as the present.

About Disco Limited Company 

By creating a myriad of opportunities for people to “learn, work”, we aim to contribute to human and social development from a global perspective. And to support HR recruitment activities of businesses, we also provide job information websites, recruitment related consulting and global human resource development services. In addition, we also participate in postgraduate support activities, operate information websites related to university and postgraduate study for high school students and develop applications for schools.