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Mazrica Project

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A tool supporting vending and optimizing profits

Mazrica Co. Ltd.

Form of development

Organization scope: 11-100 people

Development Technology: Ruby on Rails / AngularJS

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Due to the expansion of the team and the familiarity from the previous project, I strongly believe that there can be a good development team without onsite members (who work directly). Moreover, it is more feasible to use global personnel than to hire Japanese engineers.


All members are sincere and reliable in their work. Besides the fixed specifications, the BrSE and engineers also recommended useful and highly feasible specifications.

JSC Mazrica

Our mission is to “turn the world into a festival”. By combining the power of people and technology, we will create the perfect working life for society, rather than simply raising capacity. So we developed “Senses” – a new age business tool that focuses on using organization-related knowledge.