The world that Sun* is heading to is where everyone is free to create great values, bringing positive changes to the whole society. The era in which engineers know only technology is over. This is the era of true creators with influence everywhere.
At Sun*, we are always looking for people who are adventurous, passionate about challenges to realize these aspirations. If you are such a person, join Sun* & together we will make world-changing miracles.
Sun* Inc. Recruitment

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Software Engineer
This militant group is a convergence of elite members with experience in the software development process, solid foundation and a passion for developing and building...
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Intern / Fresher
We are a generation of young and talented students and engineers who are always willing to learn and improve our skills and knowledge to create...
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We are a team of teachers with enthusiasm and passion for sharing our experience and knowledge to young people to nurture talented programmer generation.
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Communications & Marketing
With a mission to inspire, Sun* Communication & Marketing teams are elite warriors who are always willing to spread positive energy, contribute to building company...
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System & Security
With a young, dynamic and professional team, we ensure not only the technical infrastructure, security and safety for projects but also the smooth operation of...
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As experienced managers, especially in projects in the IT field, we are always ready to lead our teammates to "fight" and master from large to...
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Administration & Support
A group of heroes who take professionalism as the guideline of any tasks. We pride ourselves on being dedicated system and equipment managers with the...
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Human Resources
At Sun*, HR is the "bridge" that dedicates their whole hearts and enthusiasm to consult, orient and create the best development environment for leading IT...
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We are a team who use artistic eyes to build professional website interfaces, eye-catching communication designs. Our team with dynamic young people always want to...
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Quality Assurance
Sun* Quality Assurance are bright stars contributing to the completion and quality assurance of projects. It is a convergence of members who have an affection...
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