“In our attempt to achieve the mission of Sun*, it is paramount to create an environment where all members are empowered to develop their own strengths. Thus, the first thing I aspire all Sun* leaders in their goal setting is paying special attention to motivation, psychological peace of mind and the development of employees“.

CEO Kobayashi Taihei

Creative environment - Respect the difference

  • Only creativity can make breakthrough changes to the world.
    As a Digital Creative Studio, Sun* has always motivated you to change, do new things and break your own limits.
  • Sun* comprehends that each individual has their own personalities and perspectives
    Sun* respects all the differences and motivate them to make the great things.


  • At Sun*, you have the freedome to be your own boss: control the products, projects and your tasks.
  • Sun* motivates you together with teams to proactively propose decisions developing organization.

Focus on the individual developement support

  • Learning culture and constant knowledge sharing
  • Consultation, companion and career development support based on an organized Career Path system.
  • Establishment and pursuit of short-term to long-term goals by seriously implementing OKRs methodology.
  • Japanese standardized training program with high-quality mentor team for Fresher.

Full of eventful learning and cultural exchange activities

  • 35 learning, cultural exchange, entertainment, health clubs are promoted and sponsored annually.
  • 4 big events each year, invested organizedly with profound content.
  • Quarterly team building project activities
  • A myriad of exciting cultural and learning activities every month.
  • Culture Team with members passionate about collective activities.

Special care regimen for women

  • Monthly allowance for beauty care
  • Women's physiological leave: 2.5 hours/month
  • Postpartum leave for female employees with children under 1 year old: 1 hour/day
  • Mother Room reserved executively for mothers with babies.

Appealing and adequate general welfare

  • Allowance for lunch, commuting, foreign language certificate, IT certificate, etc.
  • Salary for the 13th month and business bonus
  • Performance review: Twice per year or 2 times/year
  • Seniority allowance
  • Comprehensive and premium Sun* Care health insurance
Sun* has always been looking for challenge-driven people
to create "awesome" values.