“In our attempt to achieve the mission of Sun*, it is paramount to create an environment where all members are empowered to develop their own strengths. Thus, the first thing I aspire all Sun* leaders in their goal setting is paying special attention to motivation, psychological peace of mind and the development of employees“.

CEO Kobayashi Taihei

#ActiveChallenge: Actively create continuous challenges

Sun* is an environment that consistently appreciate innovative and creative ideas. With a team of “servant leaders” dedicated to nurturing the potential and motivation of its members, Sun* always supports talented individuals in pursuing their passions.

To transform these passions into accomplishments, all Sunners actively generates interesting and challenging tasks for themselves through their dedication and comprehension of the organization. They are willing to do so instead of waiting for others to dictate what needs to be done and how it should be accomplished.

#ActiveLearn: Learning within an organization encompasses all essential components, including the Learning Environment, Learning Opportunities, and Learning Capacity.

Guided by the philosophy of prioritizing human development, Sun* proactively establishes a comprehensively and highly personalized learning environment, thereby encouraging a deep-seated interest and motivation for learning among its members:

  • Learning Environment: Sunners are provided with an optimal space that features a cutting-edge learning experience platform, an extensive library of documents, a standardized competency framework, continuously updated training plans, and a continuous Coaching & Sharing culture. 
  • Learning Opportunities: Collaborating with outstanding colleagues, Sunners have access to study plans encompassing a wide array of online and offline courses, prestigious study sponsorship packages, and abundant theoretical and practical learning opportunities that challenge them in their roles.
  • Learning Capacity: Sunners are equipped with intelligent learning methods, facilitated by the IDP (Individual Development Plan) tool and the 70-20-10 model (learning from hands-on experience, learning from others, and learning from theories), which makes learning become more oriented and suitable for each individual’s unique needs and goals.

#ActiveJoy: Thriving in a cultural environment focused on human values and universal happiness.

The thoughts and feelings of each member are considered the foremost factors in every decision made at Sun*. Sunners are nurtured and encouraged to develop their strengths, fostering peace of mind through the most sincere care, not just for each individual but also for their families.

Derived from this sincerity, all connecting and building organizational culture activities aim at the the common goal of creating happiness, joy, and a strong sense of belonging among Sunners. Regardless of their positions, every member takes immense pride in being a part of the Sunner community!

Sun* has always been looking for challenge-driven people
to create "awesome" values.