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Fashion ecommerce website

Styler Co.Ltd

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Development field: Fashion Tech

Organization scope: 11-100 people

Development technology: Ruby on Rails / jQuery

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Partner’s problem

When starting the business, we encountered many difficulties in securing engineer resources. Since development of the service cannot be stopped, we have commissioned Sun* with the requirement that development costs are not too high, including the direction of development.

Since our service strategy focuses on Asia, there is an opinion that product development engineers may want to work in multinational teams. In addition, compared to domestic engineers, foreign engineers are also accustomed to having more open communication and that is compatible with our company culture.


Sun* engineers are extremely serious, careful, friendly, kind, and work together well on the project. The management team also always pays closed attention to the engineers when solving customer’s problems, which has been conducive to positive response and contribution from the whole company. The atmosphere at the company is really good.

Styler Co. Ltd

We are expanding our FACY sales platform into Asia. By redesigning the clothing shopping experience to both online and offline, we want to bring the best experience and more abundant lifestyles to our users.