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The leading Matching Platform in Vietnam

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Development field: Matching platform

Organization scope: 1-10 people

Development technology: Ruby on Rails / iOS / Android

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Rudicaf is implementing a highly reliable matching app “Tilani” due to a mandatory identity verification. To use Tilani, users need to provide ID from the time of registration, so photos and profile names cannot be falsified.

Initially, we developed the app based on this business idea, but due to lack of experience and technical knowledge, we encountered many problems during the development. Besides having the ideas, we were unable to integrate them into the service, lead to the incapability of implementation.


To improve this service, we have partnered with Sun*. First of all, we got the proposal to get rid of existing apps and do a major overhaul. This is a pretty bold proposition, however, to consider in the medium and long term, improving code extensibility is indispensable for service development.

Along with the application innovation, Sun* also proposed an administration function for the operator, which greatly improves work efficiency. In addition, when we had ideas but could not implement them yet, such as upgrading search functionality, or automatic image validation, Sun * realized them throughout wishes.

When there was a problem during Apple’s app review process, Sun* also handled it smoothly by correcting the part that violated the regulations.


Implement Tilani matching application to ensure 100% user identity authentication in Vietnam. At Pioneer Aspiration Award 2016 co-organized by Vietnam Television Station and Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, Rudicaf was honored to stand at the 4th place in the “Most Favorite Startup” category.