Job openings

Administration & Support

With all of our dedication and enthusiasm, we are putting effort every day to provide quick and professional administrative solutions for all Sunners. In addition, with scientific thinking, flexibility and acumen, we have many creative, innovative and modern ways, which reach beyond the conventional framework of the work nature to make the whole team increasingly develop and be recognized by everyone.
IT Officer
WHAT WE DO: Manage and operate the company's internal server system: + Manage Email, AD Microsoft, Storage, ... + Manage web / app Server (Internal & External) + Operating VM system (Vmware, Xen server, ...) Manage other office equipment: printers,...
Personnel Administration Staff
WHAT WE DO: Timekeeping: - Track and process time attendance data through the software, coordinate with the development department to quickly handle problems (if any), assist employees with timesheet (daily task) related issues - Summarize  timekeeping data, allowances, monthly overtime...