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Cloud service application platform for Video

Development form

Development field: Video service

Organization scope: 11-100 people

Development technology: PHP / Ruby on Rails / Python / Java / Node.js / Go / .NET

URL link:


Uiza is a video management and live streaming service in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the integration of OS into television, watching videos by downloading apps to smartphones is expanding and more than 70% of video providers are broadcasting (livestream) on TV.

To surpass competitors in the industry, besides the Web, Android, iOS, it is necessary to deploy multiple supporting platforms (multiplatform) compatible with TV with embedded webOS. On the other hand, there are many problems to face such as: The API provided by Uiza has no full explanation, lack of documentation and many bugs.


Thanks to the cooperation with engineers from multiple programming languages, we have successfully transformed the website built with Curl into Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node, Go and .Net. In addition, we have also developed services for a wide variety of devices using a lot of niche libraries.

As a result, Uiza has been able to offer a wide range of services while competing services have not kept up with the development of platform supporting features.

In addition, Sun* also supports API implementation provided by Uiza. In the early stages, Sun* assists in explaining how to use the API to video providers and quickly investigates and repairs the buggy parts for us. Sun* is also in charge of updating documentation for that.


Uiza’s video platform builds powerful video streaming with unlimited scalability. With a simple design, we have implemented video streaming on our own website with just a few lines of code. This is also a platform where you can monetize using video content and voice.