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Tenanta Project

Project Info

Trading and rental platform for camping equipment

TENT Co.Ltd.

Development form

Development field: C to C

Organization scope: 1-10 people

Development technology: Ruby on Rails / Swift / Java / Python / Objective-C / JavaScript / TypeScript / LESS / Perl

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Partner’s problem

Development is required to launch “Kauriru” – Trading and rental platform that offers a completely new shopping experience. As it is a pre-development stage and requires a high development speed, since the system design phase, we have partnered with Sun* – a company with considerable platform experience and application development experience. 


In the development process, Sun* is forced to determine the feasibility of applying the code used in the service’s prototype to the project. From a scalability and future performance standpoint, Sun* decides not to use the old code, and as a result many hours of work have been reduced. In addition, Sun* also works on product design, promoting UI/UX and improving the product to make it easier to use.

Besides project implementation, Sun* become a business partner to accompany us. We have been actively supported in terms of properties, offices, recruitment plans, branding and business plans.

Our service has been deployed successfully sinceJune 2019 with the promotion fully supported by Sun*.