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Money Forward

Developing in the form of the whole team’s proposal

Area of development: Accounting

Organization scope: 301-1000 people

Development technology: Ruby on Rails / Angular

Money Forward Co., Ltd. (MF), founded in 2012, a new joint venture company that has been listed on the Mothers Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in just 5 years of establishment. The company has grown rapidly since its inception and is known as a leading company in the Fintech industry. With the vision of becoming a “money platform” for everyone, the company provides an automated home financial book/wealth management service called “Money Forward” with 6.5 million users (the statistics calculated in July 2018), automatic savings applications such as “Shiratama” for BtoC, and for BtoB, the company mainly provides “MF Cloud series” to help smooth accounting, payroll, payment of expenses, etc. , which is making rapid progress every day. Taking the point of service as the criterion “what only humans can do will be done by humans, and what can be automated will be automated”, the company is developing support services that creates an environment where technology can take part in the work of a profession, instead of excluding people who are making a living by doing it, therefore humans can focus on doing what is theirs. We interviewed Mr. Soetani, who currently lives in Hanoi and is in charge of Sun*’s development team to support the development of the MF service.

The launch of two new services, BtoC and BtoB, at Sun*

Please share with us the services that Sun* supports theirs development.

Soetani: We are supporting the launch of two new services. One is a BtoC service called “Money Forward MALL”, which allows you to compare and sign up for personalized services among a variety of financial products (credit cards, bank accounts, stock accounts, etc.) (Since July 2018, only some categories have been released in beta versions).

The other one is a service called “Forming a MF Cloud Omakase Company” with an aim to remove the complexity of setting up a company for BtoB. When establishing a company, it is necessary to prepare many different documents and procedures.