The world that Sun* is heading to is where everyone is free to create great values, bringing positive changes to the whole society. The era in which engineers know only technology is over. This is the era of true creators with influence everywhere.
At Sun*, we are always looking for people who are adventurous, passionate about challenges to realize these aspirations. If you are such a person, join Sun* & together we will make world-changing miracles.
Sun* Inc. Recruitment

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Software Engineer
We are Creators with a passion for creating value. Together with talented, flexible and enthusiastic teammates, we keep the spirit of product ownership, constant innovation,...
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Intern / Fresher
We are looking for young people who ave dreams of working with technology to make positive changes in society. Youth is apparently associated with many...
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System & Security
Be fully equipped with skills, professional knowledge along with enthusiastic youth, System & Secutity members not only ensure solid technical infrastructure, information security, but also...
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As experienced managers, especially in projects in the IT field, we are always ready to lead our teammates to "fight" and master from large to...
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Quality Assurance
QA Team is a group of members with sharp judgment, mastered skills, and constant perfection pursuits at work. If you also consider yourself as the...
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BrSE & Communicator
Bridge software engineer team at Sun* possesses fully management capacity, good technical knowledge foundation, ability to analyze business products and advanced Japanese proficiency. With highly...
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