at Sun* Inc.

PHP/Ruby Fresher


  • With the goal of building a generation of engineers who excel in both technical and soft skills, Sun* Inc. recruits students who are about to graduate or have recently graduated to train them to become key human resources of the company.
  • The training roadmap according to Japanese standards combined with the guidance of a team of experts, enthusiastic trainers has successfully trained many classes of technicians who are good at technical and professional in working style. A young, dynamic working environment that promotes humanity and the initiative and creativity of each individual will be a suitable place for you to learn, accumulate experience and develop yourself.


  • Receive proper training in technique, process, and working tools before participating in projects
  • Directly work on projects with Japanese customers
  • Build web applications using Ruby and PHP language
  • Do the research and apply new technology to work


  • Students who are about to graduate or just graduate can work full-time
  • Master the fundamental knowledge (OOP, Data Structures and Algorithms …)
  • Have knowledge of one of the programming languages: Java, PHP, Ruby, C #, Python …
  • Practical work experience is a plus
  • Ability to read specialized documents in English
  • Be passionate about programming, ready to learn
  • Ability to work in groups, work independently, have a high sense of responsibility.


# Professional, open-minded environment that emphasizes creativity:

  • Work with colleagues with ideas to change society.
  • Respect different perspectives within a team
  • Strong learning culture, promoting individual development
  • A culture of taking risks to experience and thrive

# Focus on individual development

  • Be consulted, accompanied and supported in career development with the career path system (developing in professional or management direction) that has been studied and tested for many years.
  • Be oriented for individual, group and organization goals
  • Be empowered
  • Be supported to define 3-month or 6-month goal (Goal Define Support)

# Special care for employees

  • Salary: $ 300-500 (Gross) with other allowances (lunch, transportation, beautification, Japanese, IT certificates, etc.)
  • December bonus
  • Performance review: Twice/year
  • Comprehensive health insurance Sun* Care
  • Seniority Allowance
  • Women care allowance: Women’s physiological leave: 2.5 hours/month; Postpartum leave for female employees with  under 1-year-old children: 1 hour/day
  • Policy to support learning activities, knowledge sharing, cultural exchange (Technology Seminar – Tech Expert, Club: Reading, Japanese, Music Club, …)
  • Annual tourism, quarterly team-building activities.
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