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Sales & Marketing Specialist

  • LabHok is a Japanese company, a joint venture between Classi Japan and Sun* Inc, established in 2018 and operating in the field of Information Technology, aiming to change learning and innovate to other schools, teachers, students, and parents.
  • LabHok aims to develop IT services for schools, support the teaching activities effectively, and make the learning activities become rich, interesting, and engaging.


We are currently looking for potential candidates for one of the two positions below:

  1. B2G sales to government agencies
  • Take responsibility for sales activities to the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education and other administrative agencies to provide the company’s services to public and private junior high and high schools in the North.
  • Plan and execute the marketing process to administrative agencies and sales strategy
  • Build personal relationships with each stakeholder, negotiate and resolve issues that arise in the process outlined above.
  1. B2B sales to public and private schools
  • Mainly take responsibility for sales activities to target customers with an aim to provide services to public/private inter-schools, public/private high schools in the North
  • At target schools: building relationships, negotiating growth plan, and confirm clients
  • Develop new sales strategies and methods through channels

Mutual tasks

  • Work with the product development team to find problems as well as solve them
  • Plan to explore, exploit the problem and propose solutions to the problem at educational institutions, including schools
  • Efficiently exploit your marketing partners and lead the management of your team, thereby creating more connections with your target audience.
  • At schools using the service: monitoring service usage and organizing instructional sessions, presentations for teachers and students.
  • Analyze user behavior through using the service or do interviews, share, then discuss to plan new products.
  • Rely on the introduction of Japanese quality services and the incentive to use them to strengthen customer relationships, and to participate more deeply in Vietnamese education reform.


# Mandatory 

  • Candidates with 3-5 years of experience in the field of sales in the field of educational software in the North
  • Candidates with experience and sales records in state-owned enterprises and large private companies, or who have work experience at the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training
  • Have an interest in or experience in school education or education-related matters
  • Have the ability to develop, implement, evaluate and improve business strategies based on established goals
  • Have the will to move forward and be willing to take the challenge


  • Language skills: English or Japanese


# Professional, open-minded and creative environment:

  • Work with colleagues with ideas to change society.
  • Respect different perspectives within a team
  • Strong learning culture to promote individual development
  • The culture of taking risks to experience and thrive

# Focus on individual development

  • Be consulted, accompanied and supported in career development with the career path system (developing in expertise or management direction) that has been studied and tested for many years.
  • Be oriented for individual, group and organization goals
  • Be empowered
  • Be supported to define 3-month or 6-month goal (Goal Define Support)

# Special care for employees

  • Salary: $ 1300-3000 (Gross) with other allowances (lunch, transportation, beauty care, Japanese and IT certificates, etc.)
  • 13th-month salary bonus
  • Performance review: Twice/year
  • Comprehensive health insurance Sun* Care
  • Seniority Allowance
  • Women care allowance: Women’s physiological leave: 2.5 hours/month; Postpartum leave for female employees with under 1-year-old children: 1 hour/day
  • Policies to support learning activities, knowledge sharing, cultural exchange (Technology Seminar – Tech Expert, Club: Reading, Japanese, Music Club, …)
  • Annual tourism, quarterly team-building activities.
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