at Sun* Inc.

Java Engineer


Sun* Java team, comprised of elite members with considerable experience in the software development process, which is a solid foundation for us to develop, expand and build systems with “beautiful and high-quality code, programs with good performance, bringing useful products to customers”

The team’s criterion is “if you work hard, the result will not disappoint you”

  • Do you want to learn useful things from experienced members who are willing to share everything with you?
  • You are having “technical” problems? – Ask us
  • Do you want to join a team with its own unique culture, “Fruit club during recess, chess club”? After all the time dedicated to work, you feel tired, you want some beer, get your butt off the ground and go out?
  • Are you saddened by “love/money”? – Whisper to us

“Because there’s nothing we can’t do, and you’re part of it!”


  • Participate in software projects with top Japanese companies
  • Develop Web applications and Web services, learn new technologies
  • Participate in designing and reviewing source code
  • Access and receive training in Agile, Scrum project development model
  • Constantly upgrade progress and notify working status directly to project managers
  • Develop and maintain Java applications according to requests received from customers
  • Improve performance, turning logic, install new operations


# Middle:

   Mandatory skills:

  • Have at least 2 years of experience in working with Java
  • Have knowledge of java core, design pattern, servlets, javabean, jdbc
  • Have experience in working with frameworks: Spring, Struts, JSF, J2EE
  • Work well with one of the Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, … using Hibernate or JPA
  • Be able to develop Java Web 
  • Use java code 8

   Desired skills:

  • Know Junit Unit test
  • Use build tool: Maven or Gradle
  • Work experience on Agile model projects
  • Be able to work in a team as well as work independently
  • Be able to work under high pressure with deadlines, still ensuring product quality

# Senior:

   Mandatory skills:

  • Have researching and problem-solving skills, for example, performance, crash application, concurrency.
  • Have skills in doing basic design, analyzing and clarifying spec, be able to allocate tasks among members
  • Have skill in planning and estimating for the work

   Desired skills:

  • Have the knowledge of deploying AWS, Jenkin
  • Have experience in tag version, CI, CD management
  • Be able to learn new frameworks, build base projects and instruct team members.


# Professional, open-minded and creative environment:

  • Work with colleagues with ideas to change society.
  • Respect different perspectives within a team
  • Strong learning culture to promote individual development
  • The culture of taking risks to experience and thrive

# Focus on individual development

  • Be consulted, accompanied and supported in career development with the career path system (developing in expertise or management direction) that has been studied and tested for many years.
  • Be oriented for individual, group and organization goals
  • Be empowered
  • Be supported to define 3-month or 6-month goal (Goal Define Support)

# Special care for employees

  • Salary: $ 600-1800 (Gross) with other allowances (lunch, transportation, beauty care, Japanese and IT certificates, etc.)
  • 13th-month salary bonus
  • Performance review: Twice/year
  • Comprehensive health insurance Sun* Care
  • Seniority Allowance
  • Women care allowance: Women’s physiological leave: 2.5 hours/month; Postpartum leave for female employees with under 1-year-old children: 1 hour/day
  • Policies to support learning activities, knowledge sharing, cultural exchange (Technology Seminar – Tech Expert, Club: Reading, Japanese, Music Club, …)
  • Annual tourism, quarterly team-building activities.
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